Thanks for ‘Slidin’ by …….


Here’s my official site for promoting and selling my Music (both past and present).

Primarily I created this set website to promote my new Solo Album ‘That’s The Vibe’ released in February 2019.

However, following many requests to keep the music live, including the back catalogue of ‘Blacktop Deluxe’ and ‘Blue on Black’  I am forming the ‘Keith Howe Band’ with plans to tour the music from 2020.

We won’t be touring or gigging as extensively as the previous Bands did but we will be looking to return to some of the great venues and Festivals that the Bands have played in the past.

Meanwhile as requested, I am making the previous ‘Blue on Black’ and ‘Blacktop Deluxe’ music to this site to either purchase or download (some limited numbers of both Band CD’s are still available) for those who won’t be able to make it to a live gig and buy any merchandise.

So, I really hope you enjoy the music past and present.

My sincere thanks for visiting and supporting my music and hope to see you on the road from 2020 onwards.