Turn Up Be Nice Play Hard CD – Blacktop Deluxe DOWNLOAD


The 1st Studio Album from Blacktop Deluxe released in My 2014.


Download the full Album ‘Turn Up, Be Nice, Play Hard’.

This was Blacktop’s first studio Album, released in May 2014.

It followed close on the heels of their debut, 5 Track EP ‘Dark Horses’ (released in Oct 2013 and their 5 Track live EP ‘Super Sessions: Live AT Cligga’, released in Feb 2014).

The Line Up of Keith Howe (Guitar and Vocals), Alan Ibbotson (Drums and Vocals) and Tim Chapple were already touring and brought together fans of Blue On Black and Devils Creek in their amalgamation.

The 11 new songs were recorded as previously at the famous ‘Cube Recording Studio’ in Cornwall under the engineering, production and arrangement skills of Gareth Young.

Here’s the track listing :-

Track 1 Mustang 429

Track 2 Voodoo Slide

Track 3 Outta The Red

Track 4 Colour Me Gone

Track 5 Shotgun Callin’ Blues

Track 6 But Not Today

Track 7 Moving Up A Gear

Track 8 Should Ha’ Gone Yesterday

Track 9 Always Been A Sinner

Track 10 Cascade

Track 11 Short Walk Home (St. Jude’s)


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