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Blacktop Deluxe Stage Plan 2022


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Blacktop Deluxe – Electronic Press Kit – Aug 22


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1 . Biographies

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2. Press Release

Official ‘Blacktop Deluxe’ press release date July 2022.

3. Images



4. Music

Here is a selection of tracks  you might find on a ‘Blacktop Deluxe‘  set list

5. Video

Some of the video shot for  ‘Blacktop Deluxe’, ‘Blue on Black’  & Keith’s solo release ‘That’s The Vibe’.

6. Reviews

Here are a couple of links to reviews of Keith's latest release - 'That's The Vibe'.


March 17th 2019 – Get Ready To Rock (Pete Feenstra) review of ‘That’s the Vibe’.

Get Ready To Rock 4 Star Album Review


Feb 15th 2019 – ‘Rocking Magpie‘ review of That’s The Vibe



7. Highlights, Discogaphy, Achievements


Blue on Black – 2001 to 2012.

August 2001     –  Ignited We Stand                         Six track EP released
May 2003          –  Turning Up                                     Twelve track Album released
April 2007         –  Unsaid                                              Single recorded for  friend & artist Robin Elvin’s birthday, later released for general sale.
May 2007          –  In Transit                                         Ten track ‘Live’ album recorded in various venues around the UK.
Aug 2008          –  Band suspended                           Keith rushed into hospital with septicemia then diagnosed with Leukaemia. everything stops for chemotherapy & recovery time.
Sept 2009         – Suckin’ Out Venom                       Return to studio with Clive on drums and Paul on Bass to complete & release eleven track ‘album’  followed by return to live work.
Oct 2010           – Robert Johnson’s Door                Return to studio with new Drummer Nigel and Paul on Bass releasing a new fourteen track album  and video.
Jul 2012           –  The End.                                             Blue on Black call it a day after retiring from a very successful tour of The Netherlands..

Blacktop Deluxe – 2013 to 2018.

May 2013.           – Dark Horses                                     Keith & Alan form Blacktop Deluxe with bassist Tim Chapple, three track EP & video released
Feb 2014.           – Cligga Supersessions                   Live studio EP and video Four tracks. Only released as a download.
May 2014.           – Turn Up, Be Nice, Play Hard       Eleven track album & video released
May 2015.           – Presence & Gain                             Thirteen track album and video released with new Bass player Rob Martin
May 2016.           – Robinsons Shaft                             Blacktop become a 4 piece, following the departure of Rob & a sabbatical for Alan.  Keith is joined by new members GB, Dean & Jamie. Single/video released.
Dec 2017.           –  Disbands                                           The last gig is played in The Union Inn, Saltash, amongst many friends & Fans – Blacktop call it a day.

Keith Howe – 2019

Feb 2019.           – That’s The Vibe                                Keith’s first solo album and video released. Fourteen new tracks and 1 promotional video released.


Blacktop Deluxe – 2022 to …

July 2022.           – Reforms                                           Keith is rejoined by original drummer Alan Ibbotson and bassist Matt Roberts back with more power (& tattoos) then ever, delivering a super-tight & aggressive rhythm section to serve up a live set that simply isn’t to be missed.

8. Social Media Links


Here are some Social Media links plus some of the streaming sites for Keith's music:-

Facebook.            https://www.facebook.com/KeithHoweBand           

Twitter.             https://twitter.com/howesolo
Instagram.           https://www.instagram.com/keithhoweband/

YouTube.             https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU8kFrO5_w0cg4lvXVShhvA

Spotify.             https://open.spotify.com/artist/74oeXGl5rLflQ5QFOhuuNu

BandCamp.            https://keithhowe.bandcamp.com/album/thats-the-vibe
CD Baby / Shazam.    https://www.shazam.com/artist/205453945/keith-howe         

9. Contact Info


To contact Keith and/or Blacktop Deluxe

You can:-
Phone - 07922804623
or use the contact from below :-