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Elevator Pitch Biography :-

Original British Blues/Rock, touring the Music of Keith Howe from his Solo Album through his back catalogue with Blue on Black & Blacktop Deluxe.
Short Biography :-
Celebrating nearly 30 years of sharing stages with the likes of Deep Purple, Joe Bonamassa, Focus, Walter Trout and many more. Keith has now reformed 'Blacktop Deluxe' to tour his own brand of original Blues/Rock, with songs from his 2019 solo album 'That's The Vibe' plus the Blue on Black & Blacktop Deluxe back catalogue.

Medium Biography :-

Born 1953 in S.E London, Keith has been playing guitar since the age of 13 with his early Bands including "One Eyed Jacks' and 'Cuba'.

A move to Cornwall in the early 70's saw him playing with the R&B outfit 'Red Lester Band' before forming his legendary power trio 'Blue on Black in 2001 followed by Blacktop Deluxe in 2013.

Eleven Albums/Singles later (excluding live or bootleg recordings) 2019 saw the release of his first solo Album 'That's The Vibe' and the re-formation of 'Blacktop Deluxe' to gig material from his entire musical catalogue.

Long Biography :-

From early days in his native South East London (with outfits such as 'One eyed Jack's' and his own power trio 'Cuba) Keith has plied his own brand of Rockin' Blues.
Gigs at venues like The Music Machine in Camden & the infamous Bridge House in Canning Town set his course before migrating down to Cornwall with his family in the early 70's.

Once in Cornwall, he joined The Red Lester Band (a four piece R&B outfit ) as lead guitarist and vocalist before leaving to form the now legendary power trio, Blue on Black inlate 2001 and then its succesor,Blacktop Deluxe in 2013.
After 10 Albums with these bands and countless miles of touring, playing alongside legends of his genre including Joe Bonamassa, Walter Trout and Deep Purple, he released his first solo album "That's The Vibe' in 2019.

Following many requests from fans and venues to keep his music live, Keith reformed Blacktop Deluxe with original member Alan Ibbotson in 2022 to play his music ranging from his latest release to favourites from his back catalogue.

So, if you like your Blues rocked and your Rock Bluesed, join them for an unforgettable evening of Red Hot n' Rocking, original music.


Keith - Cambridge Rock & Blues Fest'   

Blacktop Deluxe - Logo's etc. 
KHB Poster/Flyer.

Ocean City Jazz n Blues Festival.
Keith - Alkmaar Blues Fest'

Keith -'Blues in The Bay'.


Here is a selection of tracks from Keiths Album’s with ‘Blue on Black‘, ‘Blacktop Deluxe‘  plus his solo release ‘That’s The Vibe‘.

All of the songs are written by him &  are in the current KHB play list.


Some of the video’s for Keiths songs with ‘Blue on Black‘, ‘Blacktop Deluxe‘  and his solo release ‘That’s The Vibe‘.


Here are a couple of links to reviews of Keith's latest release - 'That's The Vibe'.


March 17th 2019 – Get Ready To Rock (Pete Feenstra) review of ‘That’s the Vibe’.

Get Ready To Rock 4 Star Album Review



Feb 15th 2019 – ‘Rocking Magpie‘ review of That’s The Vibe



Highlights & Achievements:-

Blue on Black – 2001 to 2012.

August 2001     –  Ignited We Stand                     Six track EP released

May 2003          –  Turning Up                               Twelve track Album released

April 2007         –  Unsaid                                        Single recorded for the friend and artist Robin Elvin’s birthday, later released for general sale.

May 2007          –  In Transit                                   Ten track ‘Live’ album recorded in various venues around the UK.

Aug 2008          –  Band suspended                        Keith rushed into hospital with septicemia then diagnosed with Leukaemia. everything stops for chemotherapy & recovery time.

Sept 2009         – Suckin’ Out Venom                    Return to studio to complete & release eleven track ‘album followed by return to live work.

 Oct 2010          – Robert Johnson’s Door              Return to studio to complete & release fourteen track album  and video.


Blacktop Deluxe – 2013 to 2018.

May 2013.           – Dark Horses                                Three track EP & video released

Feb 2014.           – Cligga Supersessions                  Live studio EP and video Four tracks. Only released as a download.

May 2014.           –Turn Up, Be Nice, Play Hard      Eleven track album & video released

May 2015.           –Presence & Gain                           Thirteen track album and video released

May 2016.           –Robinsons Shaft                            Single & video released.


Keith Howe – 2019

Feb 2019.           – That’s The Vibe                                First solo album and video released, Fourteen tracks


Blacktop Deluxe – 2022 to …

July 2022.           – Blacktop Deluxe                               Reformed as a 3 piece, Keith is joined by original Drummer Alan Ibbotson & Bassist Matt Roberts touring music from Keith’s

 back catalogue including Thats’ The Vibe, Blue on Black & Blacktop Deluxe.


Social Media Links:-

Here are some Social Media links plus some of the streaming sites for Keith's music:-

Facebook.            https://www.facebook.com/KeithHoweBand           

Twitter.             https://twitter.com/howesolo
Instagram.           https://www.instagram.com/keithhoweband/

YouTube.             https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU8kFrO5_w0cg4lvXVShhvA

Spotify.             https://open.spotify.com/artist/74oeXGl5rLflQ5QFOhuuNu

BandCamp.            https://keithhowe.bandcamp.com/album/thats-the-vibe
CD Baby / Shazam.    https://www.shazam.com/artist/205453945/keith-howe         

Contact Info:-


To contact Keith and/or Blacktop Deluxe
You can Email - blacktopdeluxe@btinternet.com
           or - keith.howe9@btinternet.com
        Phone - 07922804623
or use the contact from below :-