Here’s where you can find some of the Videos of  ‘The Keith Howe Band’, ‘Blacktop Deluxe’ and ‘Blue on Black.


The Keith Howe Band – Rehearsals for 2021/2022 Tour.


The Keith Howe Band – Facebook page Promo.


Keith Howe ‘Put Me In My Place’  from the Solo Album ‘That’s the Vibe’ Feb 2019.


Blacktop Deluxe ‘Robinsons Shaft’ released only as a download single Oct 2016

Blacktop Deluxe ‘Suds And Crow’ from the Album ‘Presence & Gain’ Mar 2015.

Blacktop Deluxe ‘Always Been A Sinner’ from the Album ‘Turn Up, Be Nice, Play Hard May 2014.

Blacktop Deluxe ‘Shotgun Callin’ Blues’ from the Album ‘Turn Up, Be Nice, Play Hard’ May 2014


Blacktop Deluxe ‘Stones In My Passway/Shotgun Blues’ from the Album ‘Cligga – Super Sessions’ (Recorded Live) download only Feb 2014.


Blacktop Deluxe ‘Puttin’ Out Fire With Gasoline’ from The Album Dark Horses Oct 2013.

Blue on Black ‘Poor Boy Do from the Album ‘Robert Johnsons Door’ August 2012.