August Reunion Flurry

Blacktop Deluxe are delighted to announce a ‘flurry’ of reunion gigs with Tim rejoining Keith and Alan in their original 2013 ‘Power Trio’ line up. Back together for the first time since since 2014, the guys will be performing  Blacktop classics from their debut Album ‘Turn Up, Be Nice, Play Hard‘, the follow up albumContinue reading “August Reunion Flurry”

See you in the next one, don’t be late…

So as we get closer to the close of 2022, just enough time to wish you “A Happy & Healthy New Year to all our fans and friends.Thank you all for your support last year, see you in the next one, don’t be late “😎🎸👌🏻

Blacktops “Yule’ OK !

Incoming ……. “Here’s a short message via ‘Blacktop Towers’.  –  from us to you  xxx” Sincere thanks to you all for your wonderful support this year, and always. Stay healthy & safe and enjoy a wonderful Christmas. It’s our hope to finalise some gigs for 2023 soon and hopefully play for you all again !Continue reading “Blacktops “Yule’ OK !”

Beware of ‘Blacktops’ bringing Boneyard Blues !

Never look a gift Tops in the mouth ? Well our latest single ‘Boneyard Blues’ might have a few jaws a droppin’ when it hits the streets tomorrow (31/08/22). Will it be what you’re expecting, who knows ? Available to download from this website and of course the video will be own our YouTube page.

“Boneyard Blues” ! What the ! ….. well now that’s a “Different Story”.

Now we aren’t ones to get too far ahead of ourselves as you know and this news certainly ain’t gonna save the planet either, but both tracks and their videos are now just sitting quietly, waiting to be launched. “Different Story‘ will be first off the bench, with its freedom scheduled for Friday August 19thContinue reading ““Boneyard Blues” ! What the ! ….. well now that’s a “Different Story”.”