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The ‘Second’ recording from Blue on Black, May 2005.



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This was the second recording of the Band and was produced primarily to showcase their original material.

The line up had changed with Alan Ibbotson replacing Danny Tarling on Drums and as the Band had started to gig more intensely and touring out of Cornwall, the demand was also there to have a disc to sell at gigs, hence this recording .

There are a few ‘First’s on this Album like the Band’s legendary ‘Black Cadillac’ makes its debut and tracks like ‘Black Smoke Blues’, ‘Angel On Hold’, ‘Big Boss’ and ‘King O’ Spades’  get their first airing before being used in various forms on later Albums.

Additionally, two tracks were created by the Boys as individual projects with the boys split into two teams (Keith v Alan and Steve) challenging each other  to record a ‘solo’ track as a ‘surprise’ only to be revealed at the Album’s mixing stage !

Thus ‘Big Boss’ and ‘ZBD’ were born !

All the songs were recorded at a good friends Home Studio ‘Studio 6 Productions’ with Murray D Murdoch in charge.

Again not many copies were produced so finding an original CD in its case etc. is quite rare, so much so that the Album Image had to be downloaded from the internet with no other supporting images available.

Track 1 BadAss Dude

Track 2 King O’ Spades

Track 3 Smoking’ Gun

Track 4 Black Cadillac

Track 5 Boys In Trouble

Track 6 Big Boss

Track 7 Fifty Bucks

Track 8 Black Smoke Blues

Track 9 Angel on Hold

Track 10 ZBD

Track 11 Rock N’ Roll Bitches

Track 12 Cold Wind Blows


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