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My first Solo Album ‘That’s the Vibe’ containing 14 New songs.


Buy the CD – ‘That’s The Vibe’ – Keith Howe

This is the first Solo album from Keith Howe after Blacktop Deluxe finished in 2017.

Keith says :-  “I’ve been writing and performing my own take on ‘Blues Rock’ for over 50 years now but here’s my first ‘Solo Album’ entitled ‘That’s the Vibe’.

14 New songs, recorded throughout October to December 2018 down here in Cornwall at the famous ‘Cube Recording Studio’ with the amazing help of Gareth Young.

I wanted to bring in new influences and talents to this Album and the musicians we found locally, certainly stepped up to the plate, playing some fabulous sessions and undeniably, helped make ‘the whole’, much more that the ‘sum of its parts’.

Finally, we entrusted the ‘Mastering’ to the legendary ‘Pete Maher’ (previous artists including the Rolling Stones and U2 etc.) who put the finishing touches to an Album that I am very proud of and I really hope you enjoy too”.


Here’s the track listing :-

Track 1 Dice Will Role (Blues Will Flow)

Track 2 All You Millionaires

Track 3 Old Crow Road

Track 4 Got It And Gone

Track 5 Gig Ready

Track 6 Paper Cup

Track 7 Little Miracle (Aria’s Song)

Track 8 Ace In The Hole

Track 9 Money Tree

Track 10 Blue Horizons

Track 11 Put Me In My Place

Track 12 Living With Fragile Things

Track 13 Dust Off The Rust

Track 14 The Patient One

Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 2 cm

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  1. “Hi Keith,
    just a quick note to thank you for the new Album, it sounds fantastic and I hope it will be a success commercially”.

  2. Message in from Australia via BandCamp
    “Hi Keith,
    The day Blacktop Deluxe folded was such a sad day for me. However, I was thrilled to listen to That’s the Vibe today. It’s one of those rare albums: no filler tracks at all. All concerned should feel very proud. I absolutely love it and of course have bought it.
    Many Thanks
    Richard Ainsworth

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