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The penultimate Studio Album from Blue on Black, released in August 2009.



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This Album was two years in the making as the recording and mixing process was interrupted by Keith’s sudden Hospitalisation with severe Sepsis.

This came out of the blue to everyone but was eventually diagnosed as a result of Leukaemia.

Narrowly avoiding amputation of Keith’s fingers (his toes and Nose weren’t so lucky !) the Band (and The Album) was put on hold whilst Keith underwent many months of  Chemotherapy and recovery before he could return to playing/writing and eventually complete the Album.

It was recorded at ‘Troubadour’ Studios in several sessions under the engineering duties of Chris Gray and eventually mixed at the legendary ‘Sawmills’ studios (made famous by Oasis, Stone Roses, Muse, The Verve etc.) before being released in 2009.

The Musician line up on the Album is also mixed with a new Drummer, Clive Edmundson (who replaced Alan in the live set up) on all Tracks except Track 11.

Paul Arnott played Bass Guitar for tracks 1, 5 and 6 with Steve Jones on Bass for Tracks 2,3,4,7,8,9,10 &11 Steve was soon to retire from the Band due to health issues with Paul taking over permanently on Bass until the Band finished in 2012.

Some of the Tracks were written whilst Keith was in recovery and have somewhat of a reflection of the times, ‘Wrecking Ball‘ for example is a powerful statement of just how quickly life can change whilst the song ‘Bad Blood‘, a much more autobiographical account of the time, missed this Album completely, only to appear on the next (and last) Blue on Black release ‘Robert Johnson’s Door’.

Track 11 ‘Unsaid’ (the full title is ‘Unsaid, Robbie’s Blues) had been recorded some time ago by Keith, Alan and Steve as a special 50th Birthday gift for their friend, the Artist, ‘Robin Elvin’.

It had never been previously released or made available except as a personal gift to Robbie during his 50th Birthday Party in 2007.

The Album was endorsed by none other than Ian Gillan of Deep Purple.

He had previously seen the Band live and subsequently arranged for them to ‘open’ for Deep Purple, Peter Frampton and Thunder during their ‘Bananas’ tour on Nov 17th 2004 at the Plymouth Pavilions in Devon U.K.

His ‘quote’ on the back of the Albums inner booklet is as follows :-

The first time I saw ‘Blue on Black’ I thought, ‘damn these guys are good’. I wasn’t alone – the audience loved them.

Second time I watched them do a fine job opening for Deep Purple in Plymouth U.K.

Now they have produced ‘Suckin Out Venom’ and I am very happy to recommend it.

Cheers, ig”

Here’s the track listing  :-

Track 1 Wrecking Ball

Track 2 Angel On Hold

Track 3 Jivin The Blues

Track 4 Sleep When I’m Gone

Track 5 Slow Fuse

Track 6 Sweet Little Bucket Seat

Track 7 Yankee Dollar

Track 8 Graveyard Shift

Track 9 Pacific Coast Hwy.

Track 10 Shakespeare

Track 11 Unsaid


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