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The last Studio Album from Blue on Black, released in August 2012.



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This was the Last Blue on Black Studio Album released in 2012 following on from the 2009 Album, “Suckin’ Out Venom’.

The Band’s line up was Keith Howe (Guitar and Vocals), Paul Arnott (Bass) and Nigel Masters (Drums).

The Band had good radio/airplay success with this Album and dome great review including a nice piece on the Band and Album in Septembers ‘Classic Rock Presents The Blues’ Magazine.

The Guys toured it in Europe before splitting up shortly after returning home in December 2012.

The Album was mixed by Gareth at Cube Recording Studios and although recorded there, it was with a different Engineer ‘David Rotheram’.

This led to some confusion with the CD Track listings as it shows 15 Tracks on the sleeve but only registers 13 on a CD player ?

There are in fact 15 different songs on this Album but a CD player will only register it as 13 due to the first and last track (1 and 13) containing TWO songs ‘segwaying’ into each other by way of introductions/preludes etc. (see the Track listing below.

This made individual track selection tricky but does not stop the listener hearing all 15 Tracks !

The single ‘Poor Boy Do’ Track 4 on the listing (Track 3 on the Disc) was released with an accompanying Youtube Video.

Track 6 on the sleeve (Track 5 on the Disc) ‘Black Smoke Blues’ features an alternating guitar middle eight between Keith and Larry Miller.

Here’s the track listing as on the CD :-

Track 1 King O’ Spades (prelude) into Track 2 Robert Johnson’s Door

Track 3 Cold Wind Blows

Track 4 Poor Boy Do

Track 5 Means To An End

Track 6 Black Smoke Blues (with Larry Miller)

Track 7 Information Only

Track 8 Man Down

Track 9 Body & Soul

Track 10 Blues is …

Track 11 Bad Blood

Track 12 Louisiana State

Track 13 Fifty Bucks

Track 14 Passing Moment (Intro) followed by Track 15 Angel On Hold (Reprise)


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