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The ‘First’ recording from Blue on Black, August 2001.



Free Download ‘Ignited We Stand’ – Blue on BlackĀ 

This was the first recording produced by the newly formed three piece back in 2001.

The line up was Keith Guitar And Vocal, Steve Jones Bass and Danny Tarling on Drums, all three of the guys had recently left the Cornish R&B outfit ‘The Red Lester Band’ to form Blue on Black.

The CD contains the first Blue on Black original song by Keith ‘Back To You’ plus the instrumental ‘Mesa Blues’ parts of which were incorporated into the live set as segways into Slide Guitar Numbers, most notably ‘Stones in My Passway’.

All of the other tracks were covers of songs most of which remained ‘Set’ favourites throughout the Band’s career and into the Black Top Deluxe sets too.

It was recorded at ‘Red C Music’ Studios with Richard Reynolds in charge of the engineering etc.

The overall quality is passable but not comparable to their later Recorded/Engineered and Produced sounds.

The Covers were ‘hand made as it was primarily intended as a ‘Demo’ CD for getting gigs and although it was never actually released for sale, a few. ‘Hand Made’ copies were made and sold at gigs.

Consequently this is a rare beast !

Here’s the track listingĀ  :-

Track 1 Shotgun Blues

Track 2 Back To You

Track 3 Seventh Son

Track 4 Blue on Black

Track 5 Magnolia

Track 6 Mesa Blues (Instrumental).


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