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‘Boneyard Blues’ -Download 

Here we have the second new Blacktop Deluxe track in the August 2022 ‘Double A Side’ release session, recorded as usual at Cube Studios in Silverwell, Truro, Cornwall UK and engineered by Gareth Young.

This is also the first venture for the newly reformed Blacktop Deluxe in its original ‘Power Trio’ format of – Keith Howe (Guitar and Vocals), Alan Ibbotson (Drums and Vocals) & Matt Roberts (Bass and Vocal) although for the recording the Bass lines were played by Gareth Young.

Its available as the second  part of a ‘double A side’  single with the first part ‘Different Story’ released on Friday August 19th.

Both tracks have accompanying videos available on the Bands YouTube Channel.

Boneyard Blues.

This is the second shot fired by the Blacktop’s ‘in their current bid for world domination !

Now as you may know, most of the Tops Music is rooted in that Blues/Rock explosion vibe, that came to prominence in the 60’s during the ‘British Invasion’ of the USA and has grown in popularity ever since.

Predominantly originating out of the Mississippi delta, home to Jazz, Blues and Rock & Roll, this music was the making of so many famous artists including Elvis Presley, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones and so many more.

Gradual realisation of the seminal influences of this music, has led to many musicians sifting through this musical ‘BoneYard‘ of Artists and Songs. tracing its origins back to their roots.

The Blacktop’s are not alone in acknowledging this and indeed have a musical ‘BoneYard‘ of their own, containing lyrics, riffs and ideas yet to be realised.

So here’s a peek into their world, tread with caution !.



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