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Lets hope 2021’s a ‘Go To’ Blues Rock Year

Well as 2020 draws close to an end, we are sending out good vibes to you all in our ‘Message in a bottle’ Christmas wish for a much better 2021 for us all.

So ……. Safe and Happy Holidays to One and All.  We are thinking of each and every one of you as here on the ‘Island’ we complete plans for a new Album to be released in 2021.

We also hope to be allowed to ‘tread some boards’ near a you  in the not to distant future and bring the Vibes to your door.

Meanwhile, take great care and hope to see you all on the other side.

Keith and The Band

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All 2020 dates cancelled.


Sadly, due to the ongoing uncertainty with when and how live music can return, I have taken the difficult decision to write off this year for ‘The Keith Howe Band’ and therefore I am cancelling all of our remaining shows (the ones that haven’t already been pulled that is) for 2020.

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to all the wonderful venues and performers that are also trying to survive through these strange times.

Hopefully (all things being equal) we might be able to organise dates some time in the future ?

This has been a hard decision to make but as three of us have ‘shielding’ health issues, I  would obviously not want to put anyone at risk (so far we haven’t even been able to schedule rehearsals) and with the current situation so volatile, it seems the best decision to make.

We wish that you all continue to keep safe during these strange times and hope to see you all on the other side.


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Stay Safe, Keep Strong.

Just a quick message from the Keith Howe Band to say that we are thinking of everyone as we all find our way through these difficult times.

We are far too aware of the risks associated with this virus, for example Alan and Paul both suffer from COPD and Keith still carries a severely compromised immune system as a legacy of his Leukaemia and as they all fall within the ‘at risk’ category, even our Band rehearsals have been on hold for some while.

All things must pass, as indeed they always have done, but the recent closure of Venues/Festivals and the uncertain progress of this Pandemic, make it unrealistic to expect the Band’s gigs to stand, certainly those so close to the June and July the ‘predicted peak’ of the pandemic.

So, not unexpectedly, we are regrettably cancelling our June dates today (the first on our calendar).

Realistically our July dates, look increasingly unlikely to happen too, but we will wait official notice from the Festivals/Venues concerned but confirming that.

Beyond that, who knows ?

We have high hopes of any cancelled dates being postponed until safer times, so we will update things here and on our social media sites too as soon as we have further news.

Meanwhile please take care of each other, keep a sense of humanity and kindness in all you do and above all stay safe.

Together we will pull through.

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First UK Dates announced for ‘Unfinished Business’ Tour 2020.

The Band are delighted to announce the first five, confirmed UK dates for their 2020 ‘Unfinished Business’ tour.

In all cases, it see’s Keith returning to venues he’s played in the past with either Blacktop Deluxe and/or Blue on Black.

Speaking with Keith earlier today he said …….

“It’ll be wonderful for us to be revisiting these gigs with the new Band, bringing some of the new stuff off of the Solo Album (‘That’s The Vibe’) plus our favourites from the ‘Blue on Black’ and ‘Blacktop Deluxe’ back catalogue”.

“I’m blessed that the Band line up will have the constants of, Alan (Ibbotson) on drums and Vox (ex Blue on Black and Blacktop Deluxe) plus GB (Bartlett) Guitar and Vox (ex Blacktop Deluxe) joining me once again on stage, then we will be adding special guests we’ve worked with in the past on Bass, Keys, Brass etc. each gig depending upon their availability.”

“For some dates we will also have the privilege of the fabulous ‘Otto’ opening up the show for us (we’ve collaborated on a couple of his very successful musical projects in the past) so all in all, it’s a very exciting time and we just can’t wait to get started”.

The Band are busy finalising more dates (both UK and Europe) by the day, so we can expect more announcements soon.

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‘Unfinished Business ‘ 2020 Tour.

The Keith Howe Band will be shortly announcing the first few dates of their 2020, ‘Unfinished Business‘ Tour, currently being organised for next year.

All the details, tickets, dates and details will be available from this site plus their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

The Band (including long term friends Alan Ibbotson and GB Bartlett whenever possible) will be performing music from this years solo release ‘That’s The Vibe’ and all the favourites from the Blacktop Deluxe and Blue on Black back catalogue.

Oooh, exciting times eh ?

I wonder which venues will be announced first ?

Logo FB edit

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Blacktop & Blue on Black Music now available to purchase.

cropped-70632862_964700590549376_1874478973862281216_n.jpgWith the new Band taking on live dates for 2020 (initial gigs will be announced here shortly), some people have already been in touch to buy the ‘back catalogue’ of Blue on Black and Blacktop Deluxe music to compliment the new solo Album, ‘That’s The Vibe’, (big thanks to those who have purchased from me already).

So I thought I would sort through what Band CD’s I still have available & for those who won’t be able to attend and purchase them at next years gigs, I figured it would be a nice option to start adding them to the ‘Store’ area of this site, so that folks can have a ‘One Stop Shop’ for Music purchases.

I’ll be adding titles a bit at a time, starting with the last Blacktop CD ‘Presence And Gain’, working my way through to the Blue On Black tunes as quickly as I can.

All of the Discs still available to buy are ‘as new’, sealed and complete with their associated inner sleeves, note liners etc. however, they are in limited quantities so will be available on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

I will amend the associated webpage as and when Discs sell out, just leaving their ‘download’ options available.

Some titles, such as Blue on Black’s ‘In Transit’ for example, which is already  un-available to buy in CD Format, will be added to this site as downloads only.

Meanwhile the Band hopes to see as many of you as we can on the road next year to share some more of our ‘Red Hot & Rockin Blues’.

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Introducing – The Keith Howe Band

After a little deliberation, I’ve just set up a Band in response to peoples very kind requests to keep the Music of Blue On BlackBlacktop Deluxe and now my Solo Album ‘That’s The Vibe’ live.

I am very much indebted to the wonderful Paul Turton who’s initial idea it was for me to put a Band back together for Helstonbury 2020 Festival and things have grown a little bit from there !

I’m delighted to be welcoming back two great friends (and past band colleagues) into the base lineup Alan Ibbotson on Drums, Percussion and Vox, GB Bartlett on Guitars and Vox.
We are looking forward to adding Terry Gill on Bass and Vox plus other Musicians (Brass/Keyboards etc.) as and when.

The Band will not be touring as extensively as before as all of us have other commitments but we’re are already busy organising to play a selection of live dates in 2020 for some of the Festivals and Clubs who have already been in touch, requesting a date.

Here’s the new Band’s Facebook page and Band contact can be made there or via this site as always plus all information and dates will be posted both here and on this Facebook page as and when confirmed.


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Touring ‘The Vibe’ in 2020 ?

So, a little while ago I was asked if I would put a line up together to play a Festival next year, covering material from the new Album ‘That’s The Vibe’ along with a selection of material from the ‘Blacktop Deluxe’ and ‘Blue on Black’ back catalogue !

Well, things have moved on a little bit since then.

Several venues and Festivals have been in touch with preliminary arrangements for some 2020 dates. Line up wise, I have been incredibly lucky to include my old friends Alan Ibbotson on Drums, Percussion and Vocals, plus GB Bartlett on Guitar and Vocals.

Terry Gill will be joining us on 5 String Bass and we are currently looking at securing a Keyboard player and Brass Section. It’s still early days yet for rehearsals etc. (some of the Guys have current commitments to work around) but I’m hopeful to put up some pic’s etc. soon and I’ll also start announcing the 2020 dates as they get confirmed.  😎🎸

Menawhile, if your a Festival or Venue that might be interested in a 2020 date, please get in touch via messenger here on FB or you can email me direct on

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Listen again at your leisure,

Here’s your chance to Listen again” at your leisure to the 60 minute Pete Feenstra Feature with Keith.

It’s just a click away

Tracks and interview with the former Blacktop Deluxe and Blue on Black leader Kieth Howe, who talks about his debut solo album ‘That’s The Vibe’.

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