Aiming for the New Year.

Well, the Album’s really shaping up now with Gareth starting to mix the 14 tracks as I type. There’s every chance of a ‘Video Single’ to be the first out of the blocks (more info on this in a separate post) with the full album release, still on target for January 2019. Meanwhile, pre-orders are stillContinue reading “Aiming for the New Year.”

A Fabrication of Fenders !

Busy day at the Studio yesterday finishing the guitar parts and then listening in awe of the Brass section laying down some wicked grooves. So it’s last day of tracking today when Morgan comes in with his ‘Blues Harmonica’ for a couple of songs, can’t wait 👌🏻 Then it’s time to start the mixing, we’reContinue reading “A Fabrication of Fenders !”

Solo Album update

Firstly huge thanks to all of you who have already pre ordered the forthcoming album via the website it really is so nice to know there’s people out there waiting to share the new stuff. Secondly and as promised here’s an update on progress. Most of the tracking is under wraps but next weekContinue reading “Solo Album update”

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me on my continual Musical Journey ……          ‘To Infirmity and Beyond’ !