Incoming ……. “Here’s a short message via ‘Blacktop Towers’.  –  from us to you  xxx”

Sincere thanks to you all for your wonderful support this year, and always.

Stay healthy & safe and enjoy a wonderful Christmas.

It’s our hope to finalise some gigs for 2023 soon and hopefully play for you all again !

Who knows we might even have one more Album left in us as well ?

Happy Holidays One and All  – Have a Good One .

Alan, Keith & Matt










So after diligently sitting here in the topmost turrets of Blacktop Towers, delicately tuning our crystal set to catch ‘netspeak, digispeak and chatspeak’, for signs of Blacktop life, lo and behold what did we discern drifting through the Ether towards our ears ….

The delicate sound of Alan’s Tom’s heralding the arrival of track 5 from ‘Presence & Gain’ – ‘It Don’t Work Like That’.

But wait, could this be ?

After we finished gyrating around the turret to the toon (Ah what memories ), we also discovered it was sitting at no lesser a position than No 11 in the Drooble Weekly top 50 !


Then, to Gast our Flabber even further, we learnt that not only had we been ‘Droobled’  but we also appear to have been very popular on other Internet Radio Stations this week too, including Spotify play listings, the Amazon Blues Chart and even Huggs 24/7 Radio out of the good ole’ U.S. of A.

Now if this keeps up who knows where it might end !

So folks, don’t just sit there ‘Prodding the same old Podcasts’, ‘Streaming the same old Spotify Sounds’ or Duplicating your usual Downloads’, make Blacktop Deluxe your go to search in all things Blues/Rocky on the good old Weby.

Or of course you could head over the the Website, treat yourself (or your loved ones) with a download or two before being intimate with us in the privacy of your own earphones, after all Christmas is close at hand.

So as we return to our Crystal Set to tweak some more capacitance or two, we can but wonder on the future, who knows, enough notice could just help fund a new Blacktop Album or two ….

This just in from our Blacktop street team :-


Well, just back from an awesome night at St Ives Guildhall with Blacktop Deluxe and Laurence Jones and his band, who both tore up the night as part of this years ‘St. Ives Festival of Arts’ entertainment.

It was quite an emotional evening (given recent events) plus for Keith , Alan and Matt it was their first real Blacktop Deluxe gig since reforming the band at the end of June this year.


Alan and Matt fired up the Blacktop Engine House with some stunning playing, quite reminiscent of the old “Blue on Black’ days, allowing Keith to work his magic over the top.

Particularly poignant for me was their rendition of ‘Magnolia’.

As always, dedicated to “Absent Friends”, you could her a pin drop during this heart felt performance until the rapturous applause at the end.


‘Paper Cup’ was another favourite of mine, taken from Keith’s 2019 solo album ‘That’s The Vibe’.

Skilfully reworked to add that ‘Blacktop‘ treatment with some great harmonies by Alan.

Another highlight for me was Keith’s sizzling ‘slide guitar’ work, long time a signature of a Blacktop gig.

The Guys played to a lot of Fans and friends who were very excited to see them back on stage once again plus many ‘Blacktop‘ first timers (who had come to see Laurence play St Ives for the first time).

The fans continued to show their appreciation at the Blacktop merchandise table with many signings and CD sales going on at the end of the night, nobody went home disappointed.


So for all of us who made it to this evening’s gig, it’ll be a memorable one and the first step for Blacktop Deluxe treading our boards once more.

Can’t wait for the next Blacktop adventure .”

John Hall


Now we aren’t ones to get too far ahead of ourselves as you know and this news certainly ain’t gonna save the planet either, but both tracks and their videos are now just sitting quietly, waiting to be launched.

Different Story‘ will be first off the bench, with its freedom scheduled for Friday August 19th whilst “Boneyard Blues” is already suiting up, waiting to come onto the field of play on Wednesday August 31st.


Different Story

So this ditty is all about looking back over a bitter sweet relationship with positive vibes for the future and an upbeat end result .

It’s strong message, is to always look for the positives even when facing negative times (like looking for the light when all around you can seem dark) quite poignant in these times eh ?

With it’s driving Bass lines, just listen out for those awesome signature drums of Alan (did someone say Mick Fleetwood and Tusk ?) plus of course, that cowbell was always gonna’ make an appearance.

Enjoy …


Boneyard Blues

This is the second release in the Blacktop’s ‘Double A Side’ bid for world domination !

Now as you may know, most of the Tops Music is rooted in that Blues/Rock explosion vibe, that came to prominence in the 60’s during the ‘British Invasion’ of the USA and has grown in popularity ever since.

Predominantly originating out of the Mississippi delta, home to Jazz, Blues and Rock & Roll, this music was the making of so many famous artists including Elvis Presley, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones and so many more.

Gradual realisation of the seminal influences of this music, has led to many musicians sifting through this musical ‘BoneYard‘ of Artists and Songs. tracing its origins back to their roots.

The Blacktop’s are not alone in acknowledging this and indeed have a musical ‘BoneYard‘ of their own, containing lyrics, riffs and ideas yet to be realised.

So here’s a peek into their world, tread with caution !.

Soooooooo !

Here’s the latest from Blacktop Towers.          The first new Blacktop tune to hit the streets since May 2016,

YES 2016 ! will be ……

Different Story

Recorded at the famous Cube Studios earlier this month with the wonderful Gareth Young at the Helm.

It’s part one of a ‘double A side’ single to promote the newly reformed Blacktops and will be made available to download from this website on Friday Aug 19th.

It’ll be accompanied by the release of a video which will be exclusively available to everyone via our You Tube Channel (link provided)   Blacktop Deluxe YouTube Channel

In September both tracks will be uploaded to the usual download platforms but all you ‘Top’ Fans can get them here first.

The guys are very excited to share their new music with you all and having had a sneak preview, I’m sure you’re gonna’ love em’.

More to come soon including the lowdown on the release date of the second new track ‘Boneyard Blues’.

Can’t wait.



As the band starts to organise work for the back end of this year and into 2023, they are delighted to be talking once again with the wonderful ‘Dash‘ group.

Previously The Tops have used ‘Dash’ Drive’ exclusively for their transport logistics, thoroughly enjoying the quality, reliability and friendliness of their service so the boys are delighted to be talking to the Dash group once again with regard to their future needs.

Keith said ” Its always very satisfying to find such exemplary service locally and the guys are very much looking forward to rekindling their relationship again”.

So hopefully you’ll see the boys and one of the ‘Dash’ vehicles at a gig near you in the not too distant future.





The Tickets response to The Blacktop Deluxe and Laurence Jones gig at The St. Ives Guildhall in September has been wonderful and the Guys just wanted to send their sincere thanks to all the amazing fans that have bought tickets through the Blacktop website.

So much so that the band has been allowed a second, small allowance which again we are discounting on the website.

In addition to the wonderful feeling of gratitude to the Blacktop supporters who’ve already bought tickets, every ticket purchased through the band website is helping The Tops relationship with the promoters grow towards future work with them, so it really has been doubly appreciated.

Here’s the ticket link for anyone whose wanting to go to the gig but has not bought them yet :-



 Knocking at that door !   


After a great few days with Gareth at Cube Recording Studios,  the guys just wanted to update you on progress.

Two new tracks, ‘Boneyard Blues‘ & ‘Different Story‘ are now in the can for release later this month as a ‘Double A Side’ single.

Both tracks will be put out onto the usual platforms (Spotify, I Tunes etc.) & available to download from this website.

The Guys are very pleased with the songs & I must say the sounds in the studio were just Awesome.

                                        Gretsch Drums and Marshall heaven.


So we are all very excited to share them with you very soon, Oh, and look out for a special guest appearance on ‘Boneyard Blues‘.

When you get them, please play at maximum volume as they quite possibly should be licensed as weapons of mass destruction !

Bye for now from

Keith, Alan & Matt

Blacktop Deluxe