Blacktops “Yule’ OK !

Incoming ……. “Here’s a short message via ‘Blacktop Towers’.  –  from us to you  xxx”

Sincere thanks to you all for your wonderful support this year, and always.

Stay healthy & safe and enjoy a wonderful Christmas.

It’s our hope to finalise some gigs for 2023 soon and hopefully play for you all again !

Who knows we might even have one more Album left in us as well ?

Happy Holidays One and All  – Have a Good One .

Alan, Keith & Matt


  1. Nigel Burdon says:

    Merry Christmas to you all & really look forward to catching some BTD gigs next year

    1. blacktopdeluxe says:

      Bless you Nigel hope to see you on the road again in 2023 😎🎸👌🏻

  2. John Andrew Treloar says:

    It would be good to see The Blacktops again, – look forward to 2023!

    1. blacktopdeluxe says:

      Thanks John, hope to see you on the road in 2023 😎🎸👌🏻

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