Ether way, make it a Blacktop day !










So after diligently sitting here in the topmost turrets of Blacktop Towers, delicately tuning our crystal set to catch ‘netspeak, digispeak and chatspeak’, for signs of Blacktop life, lo and behold what did we discern drifting through the Ether towards our ears ….

The delicate sound of Alan’s Tom’s heralding the arrival of track 5 from ‘Presence & Gain’ – ‘It Don’t Work Like That’.

But wait, could this be ?

After we finished gyrating around the turret to the toon (Ah what memories ), we also discovered it was sitting at no lesser a position than No 11 in the Drooble Weekly top 50 !


Then, to Gast our Flabber even further, we learnt that not only had we been ‘Droobled’  but we also appear to have been very popular on other Internet Radio Stations this week too, including Spotify play listings, the Amazon Blues Chart and even Huggs 24/7 Radio out of the good ole’ U.S. of A.

Now if this keeps up who knows where it might end !

So folks, don’t just sit there ‘Prodding the same old Podcasts’, ‘Streaming the same old Spotify Sounds’ or Duplicating your usual Downloads’, make Blacktop Deluxe your go to search in all things Blues/Rocky on the good old Weby.

Or of course you could head over the the Website, treat yourself (or your loved ones) with a download or two before being intimate with us in the privacy of your own earphones, after all Christmas is close at hand.

So as we return to our Crystal Set to tweak some more capacitance or two, we can but wonder on the future, who knows, enough notice could just help fund a new Blacktop Album or two ….

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