Burning down the House at St. Ives Guildhall

This just in from our Blacktop street team :-


Well, just back from an awesome night at St Ives Guildhall with Blacktop Deluxe and Laurence Jones and his band, who both tore up the night as part of this years ‘St. Ives Festival of Arts’ entertainment.

It was quite an emotional evening (given recent events) plus for Keith , Alan and Matt it was their first real Blacktop Deluxe gig since reforming the band at the end of June this year.


Alan and Matt fired up the Blacktop Engine House with some stunning playing, quite reminiscent of the old “Blue on Black’ days, allowing Keith to work his magic over the top.

Particularly poignant for me was their rendition of ‘Magnolia’.

As always, dedicated to “Absent Friends”, you could her a pin drop during this heart felt performance until the rapturous applause at the end.


‘Paper Cup’ was another favourite of mine, taken from Keith’s 2019 solo album ‘That’s The Vibe’.

Skilfully reworked to add that ‘Blacktop‘ treatment with some great harmonies by Alan.

Another highlight for me was Keith’s sizzling ‘slide guitar’ work, long time a signature of a Blacktop gig.

The Guys played to a lot of Fans and friends who were very excited to see them back on stage once again plus many ‘Blacktop‘ first timers (who had come to see Laurence play St Ives for the first time).

The fans continued to show their appreciation at the Blacktop merchandise table with many signings and CD sales going on at the end of the night, nobody went home disappointed.


So for all of us who made it to this evening’s gig, it’ll be a memorable one and the first step for Blacktop Deluxe treading our boards once more.

Can’t wait for the next Blacktop adventure .”

John Hall


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