“Boneyard Blues” ! What the ! ….. well now that’s a “Different Story”.

Now we aren’t ones to get too far ahead of ourselves as you know and this news certainly ain’t gonna save the planet either, but both tracks and their videos are now just sitting quietly, waiting to be launched.

Different Story‘ will be first off the bench, with its freedom scheduled for Friday August 19th whilst “Boneyard Blues” is already suiting up, waiting to come onto the field of play on Wednesday August 31st.


Different Story

So this ditty is all about looking back over a bitter sweet relationship with positive vibes for the future and an upbeat end result .

It’s strong message, is to always look for the positives even when facing negative times (like looking for the light when all around you can seem dark) quite poignant in these times eh ?

With it’s driving Bass lines, just listen out for those awesome signature drums of Alan (did someone say Mick Fleetwood and Tusk ?) plus of course, that cowbell was always gonna’ make an appearance.

Enjoy …


Boneyard Blues

This is the second release in the Blacktop’s ‘Double A Side’ bid for world domination !

Now as you may know, most of the Tops Music is rooted in that Blues/Rock explosion vibe, that came to prominence in the 60’s during the ‘British Invasion’ of the USA and has grown in popularity ever since.

Predominantly originating out of the Mississippi delta, home to Jazz, Blues and Rock & Roll, this music was the making of so many famous artists including Elvis Presley, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones and so many more.

Gradual realisation of the seminal influences of this music, has led to many musicians sifting through this musical ‘BoneYard‘ of Artists and Songs. tracing its origins back to their roots.

The Blacktop’s are not alone in acknowledging this and indeed have a musical ‘BoneYard‘ of their own, containing lyrics, riffs and ideas yet to be realised.

So here’s a peek into their world, tread with caution !.

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