Dash for Tickets !

As the band starts to organise work for the back end of this year and into 2023, they are delighted to be talking once again with the wonderful ‘Dash‘ group.

Previously The Tops have used ‘Dash’ Drive’ exclusively for their transport logistics, thoroughly enjoying the quality, reliability and friendliness of their service so the boys are delighted to be talking to the Dash group once again with regard to their future needs.

Keith said ” Its always very satisfying to find such exemplary service locally and the guys are very much looking forward to rekindling their relationship again”.

So hopefully you’ll see the boys and one of the ‘Dash’ vehicles at a gig near you in the not too distant future.





The Tickets response to The Blacktop Deluxe and Laurence Jones gig at The St. Ives Guildhall in September has been wonderful and the Guys just wanted to send their sincere thanks to all the amazing fans that have bought tickets through the Blacktop website.

So much so that the band has been allowed a second, small allowance which again we are discounting on the website.

In addition to the wonderful feeling of gratitude to the Blacktop supporters who’ve already bought tickets, every ticket purchased through the band website is helping The Tops relationship with the promoters grow towards future work with them, so it really has been doubly appreciated.

Here’s the ticket link for anyone whose wanting to go to the gig but has not bought them yet :-




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