“Lockdown is over, and the Blues are back.”

Breaking News from Blacktop Towers !

Blacktop Deluxe – lockdown is over, and the blues are back.

The hounds of hell are emerging from lockdown, uncompromising, unrelenting – and unshackled. This trio of heavy blues rockers have been caged up for 2 years, but now the gates are open wide.


Nationally renowned British blues outfit Blacktop Deluxe are re-launching this year, prompted by massive demand from festival organisers, venues and thousands of Facebook fans. With reels of ass-kicking original rocking blues, plus huge crowd-pleasing classics, this band are ready to deliver their brand of high-octane, no-nonsense rock to their followers in the UK and Europe once again.

By hitting the road again, Blacktop are only adding to their heritage as a live band: they’ve played with Deep Purple, Joe Bonamassa, Walter Trout, Focus, Thunder, Wilko Johnson, Wishbone Ash and many more. And you don’t get to rub shoulders with those kind of artists without good reason. Audiences hungry for authentic, gutsy blues are never left disappointed, and neither will they be this time around.

Blacktop Deluxe are back to their original ‘power trio’ roots. Guitarist and vocalist Keith Howe has been busy writing a truly awesome new raft of material, while drummer Alan Ibbotson and bassist Matt Roberts are back with more power (and tattoos) then ever, delivering a super-tight and aggressive rhythm section to serve up a live set that simply isn’t to be missed.

So do yourself, your ears and your soul a big favour and head to one of their gigs and become part of their loud and loyal following.

The boys are already booked at festivals throughout Cornwall this summer, and have several forthcoming gigs in the UK as well as an upcoming tour of the Netherlands.

So keep your eyes open for dates and catch them when you can because the guys are back, bigger and bluesier than ever.

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