Stay Safe, Keep Strong.

Just a quick message from the Keith Howe Band to say that we are thinking of everyone as we all find our way through these difficult times.

We are far too aware of the risks associated with this virus, for example Alan and Paul both suffer from COPD and Keith still carries a severely compromised immune system as a legacy of his Leukaemia and as they all fall within the ‘at risk’ category, even our Band rehearsals have been on hold for some while.

All things must pass, as indeed they always have done, but the recent closure of Venues/Festivals and the uncertain progress of this Pandemic, make it unrealistic to expect the Band’s gigs to stand, certainly those so close to the June and July the ‘predicted peak’ of the pandemic.

So, not unexpectedly, we are regrettably cancelling our June dates today (the first on our calendar).

Realistically our July dates, look increasingly unlikely to happen too, but we will wait official notice from the Festivals/Venues concerned but confirming that.

Beyond that, who knows ?

We have high hopes of any cancelled dates being postponed until safer times, so we will update things here and on our social media sites too as soon as we have further news.

Meanwhile please take care of each other, keep a sense of humanity and kindness in all you do and above all stay safe.

Together we will pull through.

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