Blacktop & Blue on Black Music now available to purchase.

cropped-70632862_964700590549376_1874478973862281216_n.jpgWith the new Band taking on live dates for 2020 (initial gigs will be announced here shortly), some people have already been in touch to buy the ‘back catalogue’ of Blue on Black and Blacktop Deluxe music to compliment the new solo Album, ‘That’s The Vibe’, (big thanks to those who have purchased from me already).

So I thought I would sort through what Band CD’s I still have available & for those who won’t be able to attend and purchase them at next years gigs, I figured it would be a nice option to start adding them to the ‘Store’ area of this site, so that folks can have a ‘One Stop Shop’ for Music purchases.

I’ll be adding titles a bit at a time, starting with the last Blacktop CD ‘Presence And Gain’, working my way through to the Blue On Black tunes as quickly as I can.

All of the Discs still available to buy are ‘as new’, sealed and complete with their associated inner sleeves, note liners etc. however, they are in limited quantities so will be available on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

I will amend the associated webpage as and when Discs sell out, just leaving their ‘download’ options available.

Some titles, such as Blue on Black’s ‘In Transit’ for example, which is already  un-available to buy in CD Format, will be added to this site as downloads only.

Meanwhile the Band hopes to see as many of you as we can on the road next year to share some more of our ‘Red Hot & Rockin Blues’.

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